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Paraphrasing Matters - Because Everyone Paraphrases

Do you want to Renew Old Content, Remove Plagiarism and/or AI Impressions from your Content?

Paraphrasing Matters provides high-quality human paraphrasing services at a low price – no AI software is used for paraphrasing purposes. We proudly claim that we are the pioneer in providing human paraphrasing services. Paraphrasing Matters is the first-ever dedicated portal launched in 2009 for the paraphrasing needs of individuals/organizations.

Avoid using AI Software for Paraphrasing: AI paraphrasing websites or tools can’t beat a human expert writer

AI-created content can be easily detected by AI-detecting software such as Content at Scale and Turnitin.


Is AI-Created Content Acceptable? AI-created content is strictly not allowed in organizations and academic institutions.


Major Issues in AI-Created Content: AI-created content lacks human perspectives and emotions, is sometimes 

factually incorrect, and is a visible machine work. Therefore, always paraphrase content by yourself or hire a human paraphrasing expert to remove plagiarism and AI impressions from your content. 

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Did you know? A significant portion of the content around you is paraphrased.

Remove Plagiarism by Paraphrasing

We provide the best quality paraphrasing services to remove plagiarism from content. Plagiarism is a severe offence in organizations and academic institutions. If an individual is using someone’s content in his/her work, like copying and pasting (verbatim) partly or completely, or by using someone’s ideas in his/her content without giving credit to that source/author, is deemed as plagiarism.


We remove plagiarism by completely paraphrasing/rewriting content (using different words and sentence structures while keeping the same meaning). All the work is done by our expert writerno AI software is used for paraphrasing. In addition, our customers will get proofreading and formatting services (without any extra charges) along with the completed orders. 

Free Revision (Order Received but Not Happy)

We will completely paraphrase your content excluding (references, facts, figures, and technical jargon). If you find any issues in the completed work, you may ask for a free revision within 7 days of receiving it.

Are you convinced of our Paraphrasing Services?

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To clear your doubts and concerns, please contact us via WhatsApp (text only) for Q&A, so that you will be completely satisfied before placing an order. Please visit our Contact Us page for other contact options. 

Do you have Old Written Content and want to renew it?

Great! It means that you don’t have to spend time and money on the research work since you have the written content. Give us your old content and we will renew it completely by paraphrasing/rewriting. Our human-written content will be plagiarism and AI impressions-free. It will have a new look so that it can be used again. 


Are you not looking for a paraphrasing service?

Don’t worry. Apart from human paraphrasing services, we provide all types of content writing services such as blog content, SEO articles, website content, research writing, presentations, summarizing, etc. for all types of customers – from business professionals to bloggers to students to researchers. Please contact us with your requirements for top quality content writing services.  

Salient Features of Our Services


100% Human Paraphrasing | On-time Delivery | Full Confidentiality

No AI Software or Bot Paraphrasing | Complete Removal of Plagiarism (except keywords*)

Free Formatting | Free Proofreading | Free Revision (within 7 days*)


Give us the content and we will get it paraphrased while keeping the same meaning but with different words and structure. Paraphrasing would renew your content and remove plagiarism & AI impressions.


Don’t waste money by paying high rates in the quest for "Original Research Content". We will completely rewrite your content to give a new look by 100% human paraphrasing.

LOW Rates

We charge low rates while producing high-quality content. We understand that inflation/high prices (of everything) has hit everyone thus we kept our prices affordable for everyone.

Know What We Do in One Minute!

To get a quicker understanding, please watch the one-minute video.


Paraphrasing Matters has been in the business since 2009. Our customers give us content and we completely paraphrase/rewrite it with high quality. 

Paraphrasing SERVICES

Paraphrasing Matters provides paraphrasing services of all types of content while maintaining the high-class standard at a low price. We only need the content that needs to be paraphrased and the rest should be left on us. If you want to eliminate AI impressions, renew old content, remove plagiarism, or don’t have a time for paraphrasing/rewriting, we are available 24/7/365 to serve you. Apart from paraphrasing, if you are looking for any kind of content writing services such as summarizing, SEO articles, web content, research article, etc., please contact us with your requirements. 

Primarily, we provide paraphrasing services to our customers. It is a harsh fact that most of the content we read on the internet, social media, research papers, journals, etc. is paraphrased – not originally written by conducting research. Our prices are low since no Original Research is involved in paraphrasing/rewriting. Our customers provide content to us and we simply get it paraphrased

DiSCLAIMER is a leading paraphrasing service provider. We provide high-class paraphrasing service at a low price for Help Purposes (Sample Work) only. It is the responsibility of our customers to use the processed content appropriately and give due credit to the writer/company; it should not be used as their original research work. Therefore, we are not responsible for any misuse of the content. 


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