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Paraphrasing Matters operates on a unique concept of providing only paraphrasing services to our valuable customers. It is a harsh fact that most of the content we read on the internet, research papers, journals, blogs, etc. is paraphrased – not originally done by doing actual research

We don’t believe in false claims of providing 100% original research documents/papers like others do. Our prices are low as normally there is no original research work is involved in the paraphrasing service. Our customers provide content to us and we simply paraphrase it for them. Moreover, most of the paper mills sell old papers or only paraphrase old papers in the name of writing customized orders whereas we don’t do this malpractice at all. Thus, we clearly state that we provide best paraphrasing in customer service and do not sell fake promises.

Only writing high quality paraphrased content boosts the idea of launching a portal that only provides best paraphrasing in customer service at a low price – a portal that does not assert fake promises of providing original papers/documents.

Paraphrasing Matters has been in the business since 2009 – the first ever paraphrasing customer service website dedicated to cater all types of paraphrasing needs. We have processed tens of thousands of pages while maintaining high standards.

Our Customers?

Our customers are spread all across the world but primarily they are based in Australia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and the USA. Most of our customers are students of colleges and universities and business professionals who are looking for high quality paraphrasing services at a low price. Most of them are not native speakers and they either are not good writers or do not have sufficient time to write the content on their own. They place orders through our page (click on Order Now button below) and we provide best paraphrasing service as per their requirements and deadline.

Mission Statement

To provide best paraphrasing service to our customers at a low price.

Absolute Legal Status

Paraphrasing is absolutely legal if it is properly done and contains all the original sources used in it. No one can claim it as an illegal work when sources are properly cited and the due credit is given to the original author. Our paraphrased work is 100% legal and can be used anywhere in the world.


To become the market leader in providing the high quality paraphrased content.
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