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How to place an order on ParaphrasingMatters.com ?

paraphrasing matters

How to place an order on ParaphrasingMatters.com ?

Posted by Mathew Steven in How to do it? 12 Jan 2014

paraphrasingmattersWe have been asked several times about the procedure of placing an order for paraphrasing services on ParaphrasingMatters.com

We are going to show you some easy steps about placing an order on our website.

Step 1:
Go to our website – request order page.

Step 2:
Fill the order form – provide all the necessary details.

Step 3:
Attach the file that needs paraphrasing.

Note: Our one page is equal to 275 words and we don’t accept less than 3 pages orders – you need to pay for at least 3 pages to process an order.

Step 4:
Click on the Confirm Order Button

Step 5:
Step 4 will take you to the payment page of Bluesnap (our payment agent); select the deadline, insert the no. of pages as quantity and click on Checkout Button. Don’t click on Buy Button!

Alternative Method of Order Confirmation and Payment Transfer
You can email us the file that needs paraphrasing to order@www.paraphrasingmatters.com and pay for your order by using the following link: Direct Payment Link

We hope that you have understood the easy procedure of placing a paraphrasing service order on our website. If you still have any issues, please feel free to send an email to info@www.paraphrasingmatters.com

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