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Paraphrasing Plagiarism – How to avoid plagiarism in your essay-writing quest?

paraphrasing matters

Paraphrasing Plagiarism – How to avoid plagiarism in your essay-writing quest?

Posted by Mathew Steven in How to do it? 27 Sep 2019

Lets Discuss Paraphrasing Plagiarism. After leaving schools, the students are passionate and eager to start their higher education institution in their favorite subjects. Now, the choice for higher education institutions will be considerably different amongst students. Some will prefer to join Public Sector Technology Institutes, while others may prefer to go with the veterinary sciences. Then obviously, there will be many students who aspire to join the likes of Oxford, Harvard or Stanford.

Paraphrasing PlagiarismNow, with all the dissimilarities in subject choices, one thing that consistent and necessary for admission in any higher education institute is essay writing. It’s a compulsory task that is required by all students. And while it may sound easy, in reality, it’s a difficult task for most students to rewrite essay to avoid plagiarism, and we are not even talking about paraphrasing plagiarism skills here.

As hard as the essay-writing gets, it’s simply stressing for students to come up with a unique content that’s free of plagiarism, which may instantly result in failure or rejection to admission.

Paraphrasing Plagiarism – Introduction and Differences

Paraphrasing is one of the most common writing skills used by amateur and professional writers alike. It entails rewriting of an existing original text in one’s wording while keeping the overall idea and concept similar.

Paraphrasing is important because no matter how proficient one is in writing, he/she always need to borrow some core ideas and technicalities from existing text. And you can’t just copy the text when you are writing professionally. Instead, you are required to borrow the main idea from the text and come up with an original text without any paraphrasing plagiarism. Moreover, it’s also important to learn to give references and citations at places where you are using exact “quotes or technical description” from the original text.

Moving on, plagiarism refers to the practice of copying whole or part of an original text to be presented as one’s own writing, without explicitly giving credit (citation) to the author. It’s one of the most serious offenses in the academic world and is often referred to as intellectual theft. Now, the problem is, plagiarism isn’t always intentional. Most of the time it’s unintentional due to lack of writing exposure including exposure to writing formats and bad paraphrasing practice. Moreover, it’s also important to learn the art of citing the copied parts of the writing to the true author.

Now, when it comes to paraphrasing plagiarism difference, it lies in your ability to create a considerably different text from the original one. Remember, copying even a single sentence from an original text without citation to true author is considered plagiarism. Ideally, you should be understanding the core concepts of the original text, take keynotes and then come up with your own words, without having to look at the original text.

How to avoid paraphrasing plagiarism? Best Paraphrasing Practices

Here’s the best approach to avoid paraphrase plagiarism:

  • Go through the original text multiple times, until you memorize the core idea/concept of the text
  • Take keynotes from the original text. Write main bullets in your notepad before you start your essay
  • Change the sentence structures and diversify your sentences by adding your thoughts and arguments
  • Use a plagiarism checker to check the originality of your text
  • Use Plagiarism Removal Services

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