Paraphrasing Matters

Reword My Essay – 5 Best Tips to Rewrite Essays like Pro

paraphrasing matters

Reword My Essay – 5 Best Tips to Rewrite Essays like Pro

Posted by Mathew Steven in Writing Tips 19 Sep 2019

Reword My Essay

Reword my essay is often one of the most sought-after services by high-school seniors or even graduate students who want to create a unique and plagiarism free essay from an original text. Now, rewording essay is different from summary writing, which just includes using main points from the original text to significantly reduce the length of the content. Contrarily, when we are talking about rewording the essay, it’s more inclined towards creating a new essay of almost similar length (even a bit lengthy at times) as the original content. Some of the reasons why essay rewording is done include:

  • Avoiding plagiarism. Whether for academic purposes or online publishing, you need to create a unique and plagiarism free content
  • To improve the original text. Sometimes, essay rewording is used to improve the quality of the text in the original essay
  • To simplify. At times, essay rewording is required to describe and simplify the original text
  • To reuse an existing text. This is more common with online businesses, which requires rewriting of an original text multiple times to be used at different places

Reword My EssayHowever, essay rewriting isn’t the easiest of tasks for most, because apart from removing any plagiarism from the text, writers are required to improve the quality of the text, as well as to complete the work in tight deadlines. That’s one reason why many resorts to professional reword my essay services.

How to Reword Essays or Rewrite Essays?

As mentioned above, rewording essay or rewrite essays isn’t the easiest of the task, this is especially true for people who aren’t experienced and skilled in the trade. Below, we have come up with some useful tips that can help you to write your first reworded essay.

  • Be Clear. As a beginner, you should not complicate your task unnecessarily. In fact, the secret to success for any text is the use of clear and concise language. Make sure you are able to write off the idea in easy to understand and clear language, all the way while keeping an eye to plagiarism aspect
  • Understand the original text. Before you start rewording the essay, it’s important to completely understand the core idea and philosophy in the original text. This is important because only after you comprehend the original text completely, you can be able to come up with something of value. A great approach in this regard is to keep reading the original text multiple times until you memorize the core idea behind the text. You can also take notes for key points mentioned in the original text and use these as guidelines to reword the essay while covering all the key points
  • Rewrite essay in your own words. It’s an important point to consider and often the biggest glitch related to professional “reword my essay” services. The problem lies when the writer instead of using his own words start using synonyms to remove plagiarism. While this approach may help to remove plagiarism, the end product will be a low-quality text, not suited for business or academic purposes. Thereby, make sure you don’t excessively use synonyms, rather try to reword the entire essay in your own words using the highlighted key points
  • Compare your text with the original one. Once you are done with essay rewording, go through the entire text thoroughly and compare with the original text to ensure you have successfully covered all the key points of the original text. Also, proofread your text for grammatical or typo errors
  • Check for plagiarism. In the end, you will need to check your essay for plagiarism. There are various plagiarism checking software available online (free as well as paid), which you can use to ensure sanctity and originality of the text. It is recommended to use established paid software like Copyscape or Turnitin, which are industry standard.

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