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Content Writing Services


Content Writing Services

By now, you must have known that we provide high-quality human paraphrasing services. When our customers want more than paraphrasing or rewriting services, we have much more to offer them than mere paraphrasing. We provide all types of content writing for all types of customers from business professionals to bloggers to students to researchers. 

Content Writing Services by PM

Blog/Vlog Content

If you are short of words or don’t have time to write your new blog, vlog or podcast content, use our services. Our expert writer is ready to craft a super quality blog/vlog content.


If you want to publish a new article in a magazine or on a website but don’t have time or expertise, don’t worry since we provide ghostwriting services with complete confidentiality. You can use our written content with your byline.

E-book/Online Courses

Today, more e-books are published every day than ever before. Millennials, especially Gen Z and Alpha, keep watching screens (mobile phones and tablets). They prefer to read e-books rather than physical books hence we provide the best e-book writing services for their needs. In addition, we also provide online course writing services.

Social Media Posts

Social media is everywhere and everyone is using at least one app if not all. Hence, to make a solid online presence, you must keep posting about your products, services, updates and any relevant developments. We provide social media post-writing services to keep you popular on social media.

SEO Articles / Web Content

SEO articles play a crucial role in generating organic traffic. We provide high-quality article-writing services. These articles are written explicitly considering our customer’s requirements and are fully SEO (search engine “optimized”) based on keywords. In addition, we provide website content writing services, whether you want to write website content from scratch or want to update your existing content, we deliver high-quality custom written content for websites.

Business Plan

Whether you are starting a new business or want to expand it, you need a vivid business plan that can satisfy the relevant authorities about your proposed venture. Generally, it is required for immigration or loan purposes. We craft a solid business plan to help the authorities in approving your immigration or loan applications.


Presentations are usually made to show the crux of the subject; it could be for anything and any subject. We provide presentation content writing services as well as design presentations considering the subject and audience.

Proofreading and Editing

You have written your article, report, or thesis. Great! But have you proofread it? Proofreading and editing play an important role in comprehending your content. It is a must, especially for those who are not native speakers. We provide proofreading and editing services by an expert writer.

Summarizing Services

People are not interested in your long stories. Please come to the point! We provide premium quality summarizing services to cut fluff and keep your content interesting, relevant and not unnecessarily wordy.


Who does not know about McDonald’s, KFC, Coke, and Pepsi? Yet, you still see their advertisements every day. Why? Because they want to remind people about their existence in the form of new offers and updates. We provide top-notch copywriting services to attract new customers and retain the old ones.

Original Content – All Types

Excluding adult and illegal content, we can write on any topic and any medium. It could be legal, medical, science, technology, etc. If you are looking for original content (search and write) of any type and level, Paraphrasing Matters is the best choice for all your original writing solutions. 

If you want to place an order for any type of content writing (excluding adult or illegal), please contact us with your order details using our email address, contact form, or WhatsApp number. 

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