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How to write perfect essay? Mastering art of paraphrasing

art of paraphrasing

How to write perfect essay? Mastering art of paraphrasing

Posted by Mathew Steven in Writing Tips 30 Jun 2022

Let us discuss the art of paraphrasing, Essay writing is undoubtedly one of the most overwhelming and outstanding tasks for the majority of undergrads and grad students. For the majority of the students, it’s a colossal task, which while not directly linked to their studies technically, has the ultimate influence over their academic success.

And by far, it’s also one of the most useful and repetitive skills that will come handy over and over again throughout the academic career. Now, while essay writing is certainly not an easy task, by learning a few tips and tricks of the game you could finally get over your fears and start making progress towards writing professional essays and articles.

Below in this blog, we will be covering some killing tips that will set you up to start writing engaging and high-quality essays using paraphrasing services.

Learn Art of Paraphrasing

Ok, if you are a student, you must have heard a thousand times about professional paraphrasing services and the art of paraphrasing. In fact, many of you would have actually researched the cost and must be planning to hire a paraphrasing services agency, correct?

So, why don’t you just learn the trade?

I mean, while you can’t match the quality and efficiency of professional paraphrasing services at first, you can slowly and surely improve your writing skills by following the tips and tricks of the trade.

Now, the core concept behind paraphrasing services is to choose an original piece of content (article, blog or essay) to which you can relate, understand the core idea mentioned in the original content and then come up with your own words to explain that idea.

Seems simple, right?

Obviously, you will face various glitches during your initial writing experience, however, by understanding the core principles of paraphrasing, you will surely get better and more professional in writing. Here are some tips to follow.

  1. Choose Interesting Topic

The first compulsion to write an effective essay using paraphrasing services is to choose an interesting and engaging topic. You need to come up with a topic that’s not only captivating for the audience but also a topic that should interest you. Think of a topic which you want to research or write on and then only consult your educator for help.

  1. Draw Outline

Now, once you have your topic, you should start sketching the essay outline. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen and a tranquil time. Start scribbling your points to the page and composing primary thoughts. Sketch the entire theme of the essay from the very beginning to the end and everything in between. Remember, any standard essay will at least comprise three core sections including; the introduction, the main body and the conclusion (finding). Make sure you are able to sketch the overall theme.

Here you can always take help from the original text. Go through the original text multiple time and check out the writing pattern of the author. Make sure you don’t interfere with the core idea of the author and just take key points to paraphrase the later stage.

  1. Start Writing

Once you have your sketch of key points, you can start paraphrasing the content. Now, most professional paraphrasing services go by writing the whole essay in their own words without using any sentence from the original text. However, since you aren’t a professional yet, you can start by using synonyms and changing the structure of the original text (active voice to passive voice and direct to indirect speech).

It’s really important to keep Synonymization to a bare minimum because excessive use of synonyms will ultimately impact the quality of the text. Try to use the key points you have sketched previously and come up with your own sentences and you are all set to write an engaging and high-quality essay.

Still confused?

Well, if you are out of time or feel pressured for high quality, you can always trust Paraphrasing Matters as your professional paraphrasing services provider for essay /dissertation rewriting. We offer the highest quality paraphrasing services at the most competitive prices worldwide. Please visit our page to place the order. 

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