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Paraphrasing Rates

Paraphrasing Matters provides high-class paraphrasing services at a low price. Our prices are low as the paraphrasing work does not require any tedious research work. Our valuable customers provide us the content that needs to be paraphrased and we will get it paraphrased through our highly qualified and dedicated writers. Our paraphrasing charges are based on per page basis. Our one page is equal to 275 words. Please see the following table for complete rates:

1 Day

$ 13 Per Page

Urgent Delivery

3 Days

$ 10 Per Page

Urgent Delivery

5 Days

$ 8 Per Page

Normal Delivery

7 Days

$ 6 Per Page

Regular Delivery

10 Days

$ 5 Per Page

Relaxed Delivery

Select Your Deadline and Required No. of Pages

1 Day Delivery

$13 Per Page

3 Days Delivery

$10 Per Page

5 Days Delivery

$8 Per Page

7 Days Delivery

$6 Per Page

10 Days Delivery

$5 Per Page

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