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About Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is a technique where an expert writer rephrases or paraphrases content to remove plagiarism and AI impressions. We believe that everyone paraphrases because neither it is possible nor recommended to conduct research on every matter. Paraphrasing is widely used by content writers, freelancers, bloggers, business professionals and students. It helps an individual to make the content worthy to read while keeping the context.

Avoid Plagiarism Charges


Paraphrasing may look easy but it needs expertise to avoid plagiarism charges – plagiarism is an offense which is not acceptable by organizations and academic institutions.


A writer has to understand the idea, concept, and message that need to be delivered in any form of content. Paraphrasing or rewriting content while keeping the same meaning requires a good practice of writing.


Paraphrasingmatters.com is the oldest and a leading paraphrasing website that answers to the question “who will paraphrase for me?” We provide high-quality human paraphrasing services to all types of customers from content writers to business professionals to students. 


If you want to hire a best paraphrasing service provider with low rates then look no further. Paraphrasing Matters has been providing paraphrasing services since 2009 and have made thousands of satisfied customers. 

Our Paraphrasing Services 

We provide paraphrasing services in all areas such as:


  • Website Content
  • SEO Article
  • Academic Content 
  • Legal Content
  • Business Plan
  • Presentation
  • Project Reports


One of our satisfied customers narrates his views about our services. “I am a fresh blogger that loves to write about history and geography. We bloggers always take help from already available information on the internet and therefore we are in need of a service that can help us in making our blog original (plagiarism-free) without using AI tools or software. Paraphrasing Matters offered me that service and paraphrases for me almost everything I write. I must say that it is an extremely professional paraphrasing website and the one who writes for me is an expert writer.” Henry (a research blogger)