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Paraphrasing Matters is the oldest and a leading paraphrasing services provider. We provide one of the finest paraphrasing services all around the globe. Take the easy route to rewrite your content and contact an expert rewriter to get the job done.


We have years of experience and know how to paraphrase or rewrite content to avoid plagiarism and eliminate AI impressions. We offer a human paraphrasing service which means an expert writer will paraphrase your content – no AI software or tool is used for paraphrasing. No software gimmick or synonyms bull shit. 100% human paraphrasing at a low price that starts from US$ 5 per page. 

Save Time and Hire experts

Rewriting or paraphrasing your documents on your own can become tough and may take hours of time. It’s a boring task for many as you have to revisit your own content or someone’s else content and find sentences that need paraphrasing. Using AI tools don’t result in accurate and desired content; they merely use synonyms without making any sense and understanding the context.

Solution to renew old content

Use Paraphrasing Matters and get the paraphrasing service at low rates. We provide expert writing services for all types of content including web content, essays, blogs, reports, SEO articles, etc. 

Paraphrasing services for all your needs

High-Quality Professional Content: Manual content writing by an expert writer.


Submit with Confidence: Our written content is plagiarism free (no copy and paste job).


Confidentiality: We respect our customers’ confidentiality. Every document is kept secret and would not be shared to anyone except the writer. 


Flexible and Affordable: We provide a variety of rewriting and paraphrasing services packages. Our rates start from US$5 per page (per 275 words). The more urgent you want, the more you pay. We charge lowest rates while producing high quality content. 


On Time Delivery: We send all completed orders within the deadline via email. 


24/7/365: We are available 24/7/365 thus you can place an order without considering whether it is Sunday, Independence day or Christmas; we are available throughout the year (24/7) without any holidays.


Free Revision: In case you find any issues in your completed order, you may ask for a free revision within 7 days of receiving the order.

Our Services

We paraphrase content to give it a new look, avoid plagiarism issues and eliminate AI impressions. We keep the context and theme of the content but rewrite it completely by using different words and sentence structures; it gives a new look to your old content (plagiarism-free).


We paraphrase all types of such as:


  • Website content
  • SEO Article
  • Essay           
  • Academic Content
  • Ad copy    
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Business Plan
  • E-book
  • Presentation 


It is the result of our quality work that customers have been using our services for many years. 

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