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Paraphrasing Tool vs. Human Paraphrasing

19 Jun 2023 Posted by Mathew Steven in Writing Tips

Paraphrasing Tool vs. Human Paraphrasing  In academic and professional writing, the ability to paraphrase is crucial. It entails translating information from one source into another while maintaining the sense of the original text. To save time and effort, many authors now rely on the growing…

Human Paraphrasing

10 May 2023 Posted by Mathew Steven in How to do it?

Importance of Paraphrasing Academic writing plagiarism is a serious offence that can result in expulsion from school or the revocation of a degree, among other harsh penalties. By allowing you to borrow someone else’s thoughts without using their exact words, paraphrasing helps you prevent plagiarism….

Plagiarism and Paraphrasing

24 Jul 2022 Posted by Mathew Steven in Writing Tips

According to a research, 62% of undergraduate students and 40% of graduate students admit that they cheated on written assignments.     Understanding how and when to cite sources is an essential skill that students need to learn. If you borrow someone else’s ideas from…

Article Rewriting: 7 Ways to Rewrite Article

16 Jul 2022 Posted by Mathew Steven in Writing Tips

When rewriting, writers rework their content from top to bottom to ensure it performs better. Whether in an academic or professional setting, articles often need to be rewritten. And that’s why getting it right is essential. One of the many reasons writers need to remake…

5 Killer Tips for Paraphrasing Website

19 Sep 2019 Posted by Mathew Steven in Writing Tips

Paraphrasing website is much more than rewriting the complete text. The latest search engine algorithms are powerful enough to trace the minutest of plagiarism as well as to analyze the quality of the content offered by a website. And if there is any plagiarized content…