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Terms and Conditions

Paraphrasing Matters processes all orders on the request of our customers. We don’t process any order on our own will. Our one page is equal to 275 words and we don’t process any order of less than 3 pages. If a customer wants to process a less than 3 pages order, he/she still has to pay for at least 3 pages. We paraphrase all orders completely however it is important to note that facts, figures, images, charts, keywords, and technical jargon can’t be paraphrased.


We don’t have any refund policy as such however customers can ask for a free revision within 7 days after sending the completed order. We send all orders via email as per the mentioned address – we never send or receive any content or material via snail mail or post office. Also, it is a customer’s responsibility to check his/her email’s inbox and junk emails and keep our official email addresses in his/her safe list so that our emails would not land in his/her junk emails.


It is vital to note that Paraphrasing Matters has all the rights to change or update any term or condition whenever required.